Pierce BCA蛋白浓度测定试剂盒BCA Protein Assay Kit

Used in more labs than any other detergent-compatible protein assay, Pierce BCA Reagents provide accurate determination of protein concentration with most sample types encountered in protein research. The Pierce BCA Assay can be used to assess yields in whole cell lysates and affinity-column fractions, as well as to monitor protein contamination in industrial applications. Compared to most dye-binding methods, the BCA Assay is affected much less by protein compositional differences, providing greater protein-to-protein uniformity.


  • Colorimetric – estimate visually or measure with a standard spectrophotometer or plate reader (562nm)
  • Excellent uniformity – exhibits less protein-to-protein variation than dye-binding methods
  • Compatible – unaffected by typical concentrations of most ionic and nonionic detergents
  • Moderay fast – much easier and four times faster than the classical Lowry method
  • High linearity – linear working range for BSA equals 20 to 2000µg/mL
  • Sensitive – detect down to 5µg/mL with the enhanced protocol
Includes: Kits contain BCA Reagent A, BCA Reagent B, and 10 ampules of Albumin Standard (2mg/mL)