GE电流等电点标准pH3-10Amersham Broad pI Kit


GE电流等电点标准pH3-10Amersham Broad pI Kit


Broad pI Kit


pl markers are lyophilized mixtures of stable, salt-free, highly purified proteins. The markers may be run in parallel with the experimental samples on isoelectric focusing gels. These markers are not prestained.


The precisely defined pI of the markers allows a permanent and accurate calibration of sample components. pH gradients and pI can be measured to within 0.01 to 0.05 pH unit. The progress of the focusing experiment can be monitored visually by the focusing of methyl red or cytochrome c.

GE电流等电点标准pH3-10Amersham Broad pI Kit

Complete Packsize 10 vials, 325 μg/vial
Order Information Not for use in denaturing (urea) systems.; Store at 4°C.
Application To be used for isoelectric focusing (IEF)
pI 3.5-9.31)
Components Amylglucosidase – 3.50 pI (Native)
Methyl red (dye) – 3.75 (pI Native)
Trypsin inhibitor – 4.55 (pI Native)
b-Lactoglobulin A – 5.20 (pI Native)
Carbonic anhydrase B (bovine) – 5.85 (pI Native)
Carbonic anhydrase B (human) – 6.55 (pI Native)
Myoglobin, acidic band – 6.85 (pI Native)
Myoglobin, basic band – 7.35 (pI Native)
Lentil lectin, acidic – 8.15 (pI Native)
Lentil lectin, middle – 8.45 (pI Native)
Lentil lectin, basic – 8.65 (pI Native)
Trypsinogen – 9.30 (pI Native)
Physical State Solid
Storage Conditions 4°C
Color White
Wetted Part No
1)Measured at 24°C