英文名:Grade EPM 2000 Air Sampling Filter

whatman空气监测用滤膜/Whatman 空氣採樣濾紙1882047 PM 2.5空气监测用滤膜是一种新型、高纯的PTFE滤膜,辅以能耐多重化学性能的聚丙烯支撑环,用来做环境空气检测。 EPM2000 Glass Microfiber Filter設計用於大流量空氣採樣器 ● 4.7cm 100pcs/box ● 8″*10″


Product Data :

Grade EPM 2000 Air Sampling Filter, circle, 47 mm


Complete Packsize 100 Pieces
Grade Grade EPM 20001)
Diameter 47 mm
Particle Retention In Liquid 2 μm2)
Air Flow Rate 4.7 s/100 ml/1.56 cm2
Basis Weight 85 g/m2
Brittleness Max. No crack larger than 1 in
Test Method: test for fiber filters
Integrity Max. 2.5 mg
Test method: test for fiber filters
Weight Loss Max. 0.75%/filter
Test Method: EMSL/RTP-SOP-QAD-522
Alkalinity Max. 25 μeq/g of filter
Test Method: EPA/600/R-94/038b
Material Borosilicate glass
Binder Type Binder Free
1)This data shown may be based on historic Whatman records.  We are in the process of updating our supporting information as the manufacturing site for these products is changing or have changed already. We will update with new data as soon as it is available (expected to be completed by Jan. 2016). As is normal practice, customers should determine and validate for themselves (as necessary) that the products are suitable for their specific application.
2)Particle Retention Rating at 98% efficiency.

Air Sampling Filters: EPM2000

EPM 2000 has been developed especially for use in high volume PM-10 air sampling equipment that collects atmospheric particulates and aerosols. It is manufactured from 100% pure borosilicate glass of special purity, enabling detailed chemical analysis of trace pollutants to take place with the minimum of interference or background. Whatman EPM 2000 was selected by the EPA to be the standard filter for use in the nationwide network of HiVol air samplers. Sheets are individually numbered to facilitate identification.