qiagen缓冲液Buffer AL货号19075


qiagen缓冲液Buffer AL货号19075

Cat No./ID: 19075

Buffer AL (264 ml)

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264 ml Lysis Buffer

qiagen缓冲液Buffer AL货号19075

Buffer AL是216 ml的裂解液,在采用QIAmp或DNeasy技术纯化DNA时使用。所有QIAamp Kits和DNeasy Tissue Kits都提供这种即用型裂解液(DNeasy 96 Tissue Kit中需要添加乙醇才可使用)。

QIAamp® Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit
For isolation of gDNA from stool samples
The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit enables rapid purification of high-quality genomic DNA (human and bacterial) from
fresh or frozen stool samples. The novel, liquid InhibitEX® Buffer included in the kit replaces cumbersome inhibitor removal
tablets to efficiently deplete PCR inhibitors commonly present in stool samples and significantly reduce handling time.
The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit affords:
• A streamlined, faster purification protocol
• Efficient depletion of PCR inhibitors
• High sensitivity in downstream assays
• An automated workflow on the QIAcube®
Fast and convenient handling
The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit streamlines gDNA purification from
stool samples, reducing the total time needed from sample to isolated
DNA to as little as 25 minutes. The unique formulation of the new
InhibitEX Buffer efficiently separates PCR inhibitors from DNA and its
liquid format is more convenient than tablets or powder. Manual sample
handling is streamlined because extra addition of inhibitor removal
reagents is no longer required and experiments can be scaled more
easily. The QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit can be automated on
instruments like the QIAcube.
Rapid protocols are provided to efficiently isolate human DNA or
microbial DNA for pathogen detection. Shortly, stool is suspended in
InhibitEX Buffer to separate inhibitors from DNA. Following a quick lysis,
DNA binds to the QIAamp silica membrane. Any remaining inhibitors
and contaminants are removed by washing steps and pure, intact DNA
is then eluted from the column.
QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit
Fully automatable on the QIAcube
Suspend in
InhibitEx Buffer
Digest proteins
Wash 2x
DNA ready for downstream applications