Miltenyi美天旎MACS BSA Stock Solution BSA原液


Miltenyi美天旎MACS BSA Stock Solution BSA原液Miltenyi美天旎MACS BSA Stock Solution BSA原液

130-091-376 MACS BSA Stock Solution 6 x 75 ml MACS BSA原液6×75毫升

MACS BSA Stock Solution is used for the fast and easy preparation of a preservative-free standard MACS Separation Buffer that is suitable for any MACS Cell Separation System.

Background information

The MACS® BSA Stock Solution consists of phosphate-buffered saline supplemented with 10% bovine serum albumin. By simply diluting it 1:20 with the autoMACS® Rinsing Solution an optimal buffer for cell preparation and separation of magnetically labeled cells is obtained.

The MACS BSA Stock Solution is supplied in a 75 mL bottle format. One bottle is sufficient for the preparation of 1.5 L MACS Separation Buffer. This solution is sterile-filtered and preservative-free. It is quality-controlled for cell separation requirements.