• Maximum thermal conductivity for precise thermal cycling
• Reproducible, specific, and sensitive PCR results in just 25 minutes
• Validated with other system components for consistent results
• Each reaction plate includes a unique serialized, eight character number label (barcode) that is user-readable and machine-readable to prevent tracking errors

Increased thermal contact for faster, more uniform heating
The advanced design of the MicroAmp® Fast 96-Well Reaction Plate dramatically increases its thermal contact with the Applied Biosystems® Veriti™ 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler. The plate also has a consistent well-to-well thickness so all of the samples cycle through the PCR process uniformly. These features reduce experimental artifacts and help ensure fast, accurate results.


货号 描述 包装 人民币
N8010560 MicroAmp 96-well Rxn Plate 0.2ml 10块/盒 ¥1002.00
4346906 MicroAmp Fast Optical 96-Well Reaction Plate with Barcode 0.1ml 20块/盒 ¥1283.00
4375816 Fsat Optical 48-WELL Plate 20块/盒 ¥850.00
4309849 MicroAmp Optical 384-Well Reaction Plate with Barcode 50块/盒 ¥4571.00
4326270 MicroAmp Optical 384-Well Reaction Plate with Barcode 500块/盒 ¥33990
4360954 Optical Adhesive Covers 25片/盒 ¥1019.00
4311971 Optical Adhesive Covers 100片/盒 ¥3234.00
4313663 Optical Adhesive Covers Applicator 20片/盒 ¥965.00
4375928 48-WELL Optical Adhesive Covers 25片/盒 ¥908.00
4375323 48-WELL Optical Adhesive Covers 100片/盒 ¥2871.00
4316567 MicroAmp Optical 8-Tube Strip 0.2 ml 125排/盒 ¥1543.00
4358293 MicroAmp Fast 8-Tube Strip 0.1 ml 125排/盒 ¥1271.00
4323032 MicroAmp Optical 8-Cap Strip 300排/盒 ¥1634.00
PCR-0208-C 0.2mlPCR八排管 125排/包 ¥735.00
PCR-02CP-C 0.2mlPCR八排管鼓盖 125排/包 ¥158.00
PCR-2CP-RT-C 0.2mlPCR八排管平盖 125排/包 ¥265.00