BD流式校准微球Research Beads,仪器质控微球(流式细胞仪专用)


BD流式校准微球Research Beads,仪器质控微球(流式细胞仪专用)


BD FACSDiva™ CS&T research beads (CS&T research beads) are designed for use on BD™ flow cytometers running BD FACSDiva™ software (v7.0 or later). The beads allow the software to automatically characterize, track, and report measurements of supported BD digital flow cytometers. CS&T research beads are dyed with fluorochromes which are excited by the cytometer’s lasers.

BD流式校准微球Research Beads,仪器质控微球(流式细胞仪专用)


产品编号 产品名称 规格 用途
340486 BD Calibrite™ 3 Beads 25T FACSCalibur 3色质控微球
340487 BD Calibrite™ APC Beads 25T FACSCalibur APC质控微球
335775 BD FACS™ 7-Color Setup Beads 25T FACSCanto 7色设置微球
345249 BD FACS™ Accudrop Beads 25T 分选仪Accdrop微球
650621 BD FACSuite™ CS&T Research Beads 50T FACSVerse质控微球
650622 BD FACSuite™ CS&T Research Beads 150T FACSVerse质控微球
655050 BD FACSDiva™ CS&T Research Beads 50T Diva质控(Diva7及以上)
655051 BD FACSDiva™ CS&T Research Beads 150T Diva质控(Diva7及以上)
641319 BD™ Cytometer Setup & Tracking Beads Kit 50T Diva质控(Diva6.X)
642412 BD™ Cytometer Setup & Tracking Beads Kit 150T Diva质控(Diva6.X)
653144 BD Accuri Spherotech 8-Peak Beads(FL1-FL3) 4ml Accuri质控微球
653145 BD Accuri Spherotech 6-Peak Beads(FL4) 8ml Accuri质控微球
556291 Sphero™ Rainbow Fluorescent Particles, 3.0 – 3.4 µm 5ml Rainbow质控微球
342003 BD FACSFlow™ Sheath Fluid 20L 鞘液
340345 BD FACS™ BD FACS Clean Solution 5L 清洗液


货号 产品名称 规格
555899 Lyse™ Lysing Buffer(10X) 100ml
352340 细胞滤网40μm/蓝色 50个/箱
352350 细胞滤网70μm/白色 50个/箱
352360 细胞滤网100μm/黄色 50个/箱