Magazyme试剂盒Aspartame Assay Kit K-ASPTM ASPTM

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Aspartame Assay Kit Aspartame Assay Kit K-ASPTM ASPTM Aspartame Assay Kit K-ASPTM ASPTM

Product code: K-ASPTM


50 assays (manual) / 500 assays (microplate) / 500 assays (auto-analyser)

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  • Assay Protocol
  • Content: 50 assays (manual) / 500 assays (microplate) / 500 assays (auto-analyser)
    Shipping Temperature: Ambient
    Storage Temperature: Short term stability: 2-8oC,
    Long term stability: See individual component labels
    Stability: > 2 years under recommended storage conditions
    Analyte: Aspartame
    Assay Format: Spectrophotometer, Microplate, Auto-analyser
    Detection Method: Absorbance
    Wavelength (nm): 340
    Signal Response: Decrease
    Linear Range: 10 to 150 µg of aspartame per assay
    Limit of Detection: 0.57 mg/L
    Reaction Time (min): ~ 5 min
    Application examples: Soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, candies, mints, chewing gum, dietetic products, jam, chocolate and other materials.
    Method recognition: Novel method

    The Aspartame test kit is a simple and reliable method for the specific measurement and analysis of Aspartame in beverages and foodstuffs.

    Note for Content: The number of manual tests per kit can be doubled if all volumes are halved.  This can be readily accommodated using the MegaQuantTM  Wave Spectrophotometer (D-MQWAVE).

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    Aspartame Assay Kit K-ASPTM ASPTM

    • Very cost effective 
    • All reagents stable for > 12 months after preparation 
    • Only enzymatic kit available 
    • Measures aspartame and breakdown products (L-aspartate and aspartame acid) 
    • Very specific 
    • Very rapid reaction 
    • Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing 
    • Standard included 
    • Suitable for manual, microplate and auto-analyser formats
  • Documents
    Certificate of Analysis

    Safety Data Sheet

    FAQs Assay Protocol Data Calculator Product Performance

    Safety Information
    Symbol : GHS07
    Signal Word : Warning
    Hazard Statements : H302, H315, H319, H412
    Precautionary Statements : P264, P270, P273, P280, P301+P312, P302+P352, P305+P351+P338, P321, P330, P332+P313, P501
    Safety Data Sheet

    Aspartame Assay Kit K-ASPTM ASPTM