Magazyme试剂盒Megazyme Incubation Bath MK III D-IBMKIII

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Megazyme Incubation Bath MK III

Product code: D-IBMKIII


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  • Manufacturer: Megazyme
    Supplier: Megazyme
    Warranty: 1 year
    • Water bath with rim to hold dispenser bottle and shaped to accommodate an IKA
    • Labortechnik KMO 2 basic magnetic stirrer and to hold a polypropylene test-tube holder
    • One polypropylene test-tube rack to fit into water bath
    • Sixteen 15 mm magnetic stirrer bars
    • Twenty, 20 x 150 mm rimless glass test-tubes to fit supplied test tube rack
    • Two pieces of corflute plastic to act as insulators between water bath and top of magnetic stirrer
    Specification: Temperatures up to 60oC

    Megazyme Incubation Bath MK III is supplied with test-tube rack and 16 stirrer bars and tubes. With this bath and attachments, it is possible to stir 16 individual tubes and incubate at temperatures up to 60oC (+0.1oC). The magnetic stirrer and immersion heater must be purchased separately.

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    Megazyme Incubation Bath MK III D-IBMKIII