ImageStream MarkII-Amnis 量化成像分析流式细胞仪-流式细胞仪


品牌 其他品牌 价格区间 100万-200万
产品种类 流式细胞仪 产地类别 进口
应用领域 医疗卫生

Amnis 量化成像分析流式细胞仪:将流式的统计学力量和荧光显微镜的形态学内涵深度结合,让您突破“散点图”的单一数据模式,在传统流式荧光信号强度参数基础上,为您提供超过百种量化成像参数用以进行不同细胞群体的分析。


ImageStreamX MarkII Amnis 量化成像分析流式细胞仪介绍


  • ● 下一代的“先锋级”流式细胞仪,流式发展史上具有里程碑意义的划时代产品;    

  • ● 先锋级硬件配置,最多7根激光器,5MESF极限级荧光灵敏度,好级分辨率;    

  • ● 真正的多参数分析,提供每个细胞超过100种量化参数,获得更全面、更深入的流式数据;    

  • ● 除了荧光强度单一参数以外,还提供准确的影像学判定,一次可实现数万乃至数十万细胞的高内涵数据分析结果; 

  • ● 众多独特应用,细胞间相互作用,蛋白定位,内吞,核转位等等,将流式细胞技术从单一表型分析工具拉升到个体和群体功能性研究的综合性平台。  

ImageStreamX MarkII Amnis 量化成像分析流式细胞仪应用

ImageStream MarkII-Amnis 量化成像分析流式细胞仪-流式细胞仪 

ImageStreamX MarkII参数

  • ● 激光器:标配为488、642和785nm激光器,可拓展375、405、561、592、642nm激光器

  • ● 检测通道:标配为6个检测通道,包括1个明场、1个暗场和至多5个荧光检测通道;可升级为12个检测通道,包括2个明场、1个暗场(侧向角散射)和至多10个荧光检测通

  • ● 物镜:标配为40倍,可升级为20/40/60倍物镜组

  • ● 荧光灵敏度:小于5MESF

  • ● 上样体积:20-20 μl


Amnis ImageStreamX MarkII introduction:
The ImageStreamX is Amnis' second generation imaging flow cytometer and the result of over 10 years of development. The raw power of the ImageStreamX for cell analysis is unmatched: it produces up to 12 high resolution images of each cell directly in flow, at rates exceeding 1,000 cells per second, and with the fluorescence sensitivity of the best conventional flow cytometers. These breakthrough capabilities allow you to quantitate cellular morphology and the intensity and location of fluorescent probes on, in, or between cells, even in rare sub-populations and highly heterogeneous samples.

Though ImageStream technology is years ahead of anything else, it has been thoroughly proven. Statistically robust and objective ImageStream data have been published in over 150 peer-reviewed articles to date. By combining the speed, sensitivity, and phenotyping abilities of conventional flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy, think of how the ImageStreamX will advance your research.

With the ImageStreamX you can:

  • ● Image cells directly in suspension with the resolution of a 60X microscope and the fluorescence sensitivity of the best flow cytometers.

  • ● Analyze highly heterogeneous samples and rare cell sub-populations at speeds exceeding 1,000 cells per second.

  • ● Perform phenotypic and functional studies at the same time using up to five lasers and 12 images per cell.

  • ● Quantitate virtually anything you can see using the IDEAS® software package's numerous pre-defined fluorescence and morphologic parameters.

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