Magazyme试剂盒Ammonia Assay Kit Rapid K-AMIAR

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Ammonia Assay Kit (Rapid) Ammonia Assay Kit Rapid K-AMIAR Ammonia Assay Kit Rapid K-AMIAR

Product code: K-AMIAR


96 assays (manual) / 960 assays (microplate) / 960 assays (auto-analyser)

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  • Assay Protocol
  • Content: 96 assays (manual) / 960 assays (microplate) / 960 assays (auto-analyser)
    Shipping Temperature: Ambient
    Storage Temperature: Short term stability: 2-8oC,
    Long term stability: See individual component labels
    Stability: > 2 years under recommended storage conditions
    Analyte: Ammonia, Nitrogen, YAN
    Assay Format: Spectrophotometer, Microplate, Auto-analyser
    Detection Method: Absorbance
    Wavelength (nm): 340
    Signal Response: Decrease
    Linear Range: 0.2 to 7 µg of ammonia per assay
    Limit of Detection: 0.07 mg/L
    Reaction Time (min): ~ 5 min
    Application examples: Grape juice, wine, fruit juices, soft drinks, dairy products (e.g. milk), dietetic food, soy sauce, eggs and egg products, cheese, meat, processed meat, seafood, bakery products (and baking agents), fertilisers, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, cosmetics, water, Kjeldahl analysis, paper (and cardboard), water and other materials (e.g. biological cultures, samples, etc.).
    Method recognition: Methods based on this principle have been accepted by MEBAK

    Ammonia Assay Kit, for the rapid measurement and analysis of ammonia in all samples, including grape juice and wine (and other foods/beverages).

    Note for Content: The number of manual tests per kit can be doubled if all volumes are halved.  This can be readily accommodated using the MegaQuantTM  Wave Spectrophotometer (D-MQWAVE).

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    Ammonia Assay Kit Rapid K-AMIAR

    • Extended cofactors stability. Dissolved cofactors stable for > 1 year at 4oC.
    • Very rapid reaction due to use of uninhibited glutamate dehydrogenase 
    • Enzyme supplied as stabilised suspension 
    • Very competitive price (cost per test)  
    • All reagents stable for > 2 years as supplied  
    • Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing 
    • Standard included
    • Suitable for manual, microplate and auto-analyser formats
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    Certificate of Analysis

    Safety Data Sheet

    Assay Protocols

    FAQs Assay Protocol Data Calculator Validation Report

    Safety Information
    Symbol : GHS07, GHS08
    Signal Word : Danger
    Hazard Statements : H302, H315, H319, H360
    Precautionary Statements : P201, P202, P264, P270, P280, P301+P312, P302+P352, P305+P351+P338, P330, P337+P313, P501
    Safety Data Sheet

    Ammonia Assay Kit Rapid K-AMIAR