HSP 90α/β (F-8)抗体 HSP 90α/β (F-8) X

HSP 90α/β (F-8)抗体

HSP 90α/β (F-8) X

The heat shock response was first described for Drosophila salivary gland cells and morphologically consists of a change in their polytene chromosome puffing patterns that involves de novo synthesis of a few proteins. Similar heat shock proteins were late

应用范围:WB, IP, IF, IHC(P), FCM, ELISA; 反应种属:m, r, h; Isotype:mouse monoclonal IgG2a; 标记:无标记。

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sc-13119 HSP 90α/β (F-8)抗体 200 µg/ml 咨询客服
sc-13119 X HSP 90α/β (F-8)抗体 200 µg/0.1 ml 咨询客服