CREB-1 (-12)抗体 CREB-1 (X-12) X

CREB-1 (-12)抗体

CREB-1 (X-12) X

Eukaryotic gene transcription is regulated by sequence-specific transcription factors that bind modular cis-acting promoter and enhancer elements. The ATF/CREB transcription factor family binds the palindromic cAMP response element (CRE) octanucleotide TG

应用范围:WB, IP, IF; 反应种属:m, r, h; Isotype:mouse monoclonal IgG1; 标记:无标记。

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sc-240 CREB-1 (-12)抗体 200 µg/ml 咨询客服
sc-240 X CREB-1 (-12)抗体 200 µg/0.1 ml 咨询客服