VECTOR SBA生物素标记的大豆凝集素


VECTOR SBA生物素标记的大豆凝集素 


isolated from Glycine max (soybean) seeds

Composed of four subunits of approximay equal size, soybean agglutinin is a family of closely related isolectins. This glycoprotein has a molecular weight of about 120,000 and an isoelectric point near pH 6.0. SBA preferentially binds to oligosaccharide structures with terminal a- or b-linked N-acetylgalactosamine, and to a lesser extent, galactose residues. Binding can be blocked by substitutions on penultimate sugars, such as fucose attached to the penultimate galactose in blood group B substance. SBA has been used in glycoprotein fractionation, histochemical applications and cell sorter analysis.

An important application for SBA is the separation of pluripotential stem cells from human bone marrow. Cells fractionated by SBA do not produce graft vs host disease and can be used in bone marrow transplantation across histocompatibility barriers (references available upon request). It should be noted that some forms of SBA seem to be excellent in separating human cells while others are better for cells of other species.

VECTOR SBA生物素标记的大豆凝集素 

This biotinylated lectin conjugate is prepared from affinity-purified lectin and is optimally labeled with biotin. Essentially free of inactive lectin conjugate and containing no free biotin, this biotinylated lectin provides an ideal intermediate for examining glycoconjugates using the Biotin-Avidin System. First the biotin-labeled lectin is added, followed by the VECTASTAIN® ABC Reagent, Avidin D conjugate, or streptavidin derivative. Another possible application is in the isolation of lymphokines and other products of mitogenic stimulation.

Inhibiting/Eluting Sugar: 200 mM N-acetylgalactosamine



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