Bio-Rad伯乐 96孔PCR板 封板膜


Bio-Rad伯乐 96孔PCR板 封板膜

Pkg of 100, optically clear seal for PCR plates used in PCR and real-time PCR reactions

Bio-Rad伯乐 96孔PCR板 封板膜

Use Microseal ‘B’ adhesive seals for thermal cycling in thin-wall PCR plates.

  • Suitable for unskirted or semi-skirted PCR plates and automated plate handlers
  • Clear polyester film — ideal for use with real-time PCR detection systems
  • The robust adhesive is effective from –40°C to 110°C.
  • Free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA

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  • Microseal ‘B’ seals are available alone or included in the Optical Film Sealing Kit (MSO-1001)
  • A variety of PCR Seals are available for use with 96-well and 384-well PCR plates.

Additional Information

Compatible with older thermal cyclers: Bio-Rad iQ series, Chromo4, and DNA Engine Opticon 2 instruments. For the best results with Opticon 2, use the optical compression pad or optical film sealing kit.

Supporting Documentation

Download the Microseal ‘B’ adhesive seals instruction manual for full use directions, a sealing product comparison chart, and list of compatible microplates.