BIOVISION Live-Dead Cell Staining Kit


BIOVISION Live-Dead Cell Staining Kit

BioVision的活-死细胞染色试剂盒提供了即用型试剂来方便地区分死细胞和活细胞。本染色试剂盒利用Live-Dye染料来对活细胞染色,这是一种能穿透细胞的绿色荧光染料(Ex/Em = 488/518 nm)。死细胞可以简单的用碘化吡啶(PI)染色,一种不能透过细胞膜的红色荧光染料(Ex/Em = 488/615)。染上色的活细胞和死细胞通过使用了滤光片(检测FITC和罗丹明)的荧光显微镜可以直接从视觉上区分开来。本试剂盒提供的试剂可以在24孔板上染色100次。

BIOVISION Live-Dead Cell Staining Kit


Kit Summary: 
? Detection method- Fluorescent microscopy (Ex/Em 488/518 nm) to detect staines live cells; (Ex/Em 488/615) to detect stained dead cells
? Sample type- Cell culture (adherent and suspension cells)
? Species reactivity- Mammalian
? Applications- Stained live and dead cells can easily be visualized by fluorescence microscopy.

Features & Benefits: 
? Simple procedure; takes less than 20 minutes
? Fast and convenient

Kit components: 
? Solution A (1 mM Live-Dye)
? Solution B (2.5 mg/ml PI)
? Staining Buffer

Distinguishing between live and dead cells is very important for investigation of growth control and cell death. The Live-Dead Cell Staining Kit provides the ready-to-use reagents for convenient discrimination between live and dead cells. The kit utilizes Live-Dye?, a cell-permeable green fluorescent dye (Ex/Em = 488/518 nm), to stain live cells. Dead cells can be easily stained by propidium iodide (PI), a cell non-permeable red fluorescent dye (Ex/Em = 488/615). Stained live and dead cells can be visualized by fluorescence microscopy using a band-pass filter (detects FITC and rhodamine). The kit provides sufficient reagents for 100 stainings using 24-well plate.

Storage Conditions: 

Shipping Conditions: 
gel pack

USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

Biovision活死细胞双染试剂盒Live-Dead Cell Staining Kit