This product is designed for his-tagged protein isolation. High selectivity for poly-histidine tags results in extremely low background levels.

The new bead surface chemistry is Cobalt-based and offers exceptionally fast binding kinetics and a high yield per microliter of beads. The entire protocol (from cleared lysate to purified protein) takes only 20 minutes! The protocol includes instructions for making the required buffers as well as methods for optimizing buffer composition.

Dynabeads® His-Tag Isolation & Pulldown replaces Dynabeads® TALON™. Dynabeads® His-Tag Isolation & Pulldown has a new optimized binding chemistry that offers significant advantages over Dynabeads® TALON™ which were coated in the TALON™ chemistry. This optimization results in a cleaner prep with higher yield of his-tag protein and extremely low background levels.

Dynabeads His-Tag Isolation & Pulldown is designed for isolating His-tagged proteins from cleared lysates. Isolated his-tagged proteins can either be eluted from the beads or kept on the beads for use in bead-based downstream assays. Bead bound his-tagged proteins can be used in various downstream assays such as bait-prey pulldowns, etc.

Note: This product contains Dynabeads and a protocol only, and does not include buffers.

The technology used for the discontinued Dynabeads® TALON™ was licensed from Clontech. TALON™ is a registered trademark of Clontech Laboratories Inc., USA.



Form: Beads in Suspension
Shelf Life: 36 months from date of manufacture
Ligand Type: Tetradentate Metal Chelator
Product Size: 2 mL
Bead Diameter: 1 µm
Concentration: 40 mg⁄ml
Final Product: His-Tagged Protein
Sample Type (Specific): Cell Extracts, Intact Proteins, Cell Lysates, Tissue Digests, Cell Cultures
High Throughput Compatibility: Automated Protocols, Not High Throughput-Compatible (Manual), High Throughput-Compatible
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature


Dynabeads® His-Tag Isolation & Pulldown beads are supplied as a suspension supplied in 20% ethanol. Store at: 2-8°C