BD FALCON细胞筛网40um(蓝色)


BD FALCON细胞筛网40um(蓝色)货号352340



Frame polypropylene 聚丙烯框架

Mesh nylon 尼龙滤网

BD Falcon品牌的细胞滤网或称细胞筛网的特征如下:


BD Falcon细胞滤网提供三种过滤网孔径,可以制备不同类型细胞样品的单细胞悬液。

BD Falcon细胞滤网通过蓝色、白色、黄色三种颜色(如图)分别代表40µm70µm100µm三种滤网规格。


BD Falcon细胞筛网尤其适合50ml BD Falcon锥形离心管。

◆平均分布的40um70um100um孔径,保证结果*性。 BD Falcon细胞滤网或称细胞筛网的特征英文描述如下

 Strong nylon mesh with 40-,70-,or 100-micron pores for optimal performance in a variety of applications.

 Evenly spaced mesh pores providing consistent and reliable results.

 Conveniently accessible in individual packaging.

 Extended lip on strainer enables aseptic handling with forceps.

 Molded color-coded polypropylene frame with tab enables easy handling and identification.  Fits perfectly into 50 ml BD Falcon Conical Tube.

 Disposable, easy-to-use ,inexpensive, maintains sample integrity.

 Sterilized by Gamma Irridation, non-cytotoxic.