AP-2α (3B5) 抗体 (PE 标记) AP-2α (3B5) PE

AP-2α (3B5) 抗体 (PE 标记)

AP-2α (3B5) PE

AP-2 transcription factor family members include AP-2α, AP-2β and AP-2γ, which specifically bind to the DNA consensus sequence CCCCAGGC and initiate transcription of selected genes. AP-2, also known as ERF-1, plays a role in regulating estrogen receptor e

应用范围:WB, IP, IF, IHC(P); 反应种属:m, r, h; Isotype:mouse monoclonal IgG2b; 标记:PE。

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sc-12726 PE AP-2α (3B5) 抗体 (PE 标记) 200 µg/ml 咨询客服